June 13th, 2004

Things fall apart

One step

Yesterday I was baking a blueberry pie and thought to myself, "I'm afraid to be lulled."

A few weeks ago he gave me an old jacket that has his name on it. Our name on it. I hung it on the same hanger with the dress I married him in, a giddy smile half contained. Hours later I was looking up information on annulments.
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    getting closer
Now my wings are black

I feel like I've fallen off the wagon.

In three days we all go from the longtime patrons of an elevator, packed side by side and staring at our shoes, to suddenly with a wink and a snap we are cameras and blurs, the side of a face smeared in with the backround, a flash of color between here and a wall, and mere days before we become a flock of bumblebees, buzzing life into the world. I wanted to say "You are a bee!", but then I was too busy staring at my own blurry, pollen-stained shoes.
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    Pigface - Supernaut