June 5th, 2004


I speak in tongues.

A long time ago in a galaxy of polyhedronal stars, one of the knighthoods in THE campaign had a knightly honor that was "Given to a knight who, while on a mission, survived extreme conditions of weather and other circumstances, and successfully completed the task that brought them there." That's right. Some knights had to convince their enemy to defeat themselves, kill named demons, or prevent an entire war.. but not this order, not this honor. Bad weather. Extreme fucking weather. As could be expected people at large mocked this honor given any opportunity, and it wasn't exactly a feat even the bearers cared to brag about.

After being on the road from approximately 3pm until 9pm, a good half the time the sky was pouring buckets, I've changed my mind. I've braved the bad weather, give me my goddamned merit badge. The 2 dozen or more people (spaced out a few miles apart along every road and highway) pulled over with body damage don't get one. I do. Walking through the front door can be miraculous in theory, possibly in execution. I forget what's tangible and what's intangible sometimes.
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Stab Time

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"Don't get in my way. Don't you even get in my way."

I can't help but notice that I never listen to my own advice. Never is a little too frequent, in my opinion. It seems.. excessive.
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