June 3rd, 2004

Hey let's go

Finally at the helm again.. first of many snapshot series.

Every time we go to the asian supermarket, my boyfriend runs off to manhandle the durians. I imagine the fascination has been going on for quite some time, as it was years ago that he'd first mentioned them to me and linked me some online info about them. Of course, I wasn't sure how much of his fondling was in earnest and how much was for effect, but obviously something was at work.

Two days ago he finally succumbed. He picked one up and didn't put it back after inspecting and prodding and inhaling it.. he put it in the cart.

At home he took it straight to the basement (the only proper place for fruit-invasions) with a handful of tools and set to work. (In the lower-right you may observe a pair of candy-scented ski-boots.) Skipping ahead too many pics (of poking, and hammering, and sawing, and prying) we see the first tentative spoonful being scooped. (That camera on the table, while looking oddly identical to mine, is not mine! Oh, how geekily gleeful I was when I found out way long ago that we'd coincidentally bought the exact same camera.) Observe, a man actually ingesting PURE DURIAN.

The smell never did overtake us (or even threaten to) and the taste was kind of "whatever" to me.. no feared fruit of legend but just another pulp I don't care to eat. He did scoop out the entire innards and eat it over the next few days, even eventually biting open one of the seeds out of curiosity. While I'm glad we don't have to fumigate, I'm vaguely disappointed that there was no full fruited assault.
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I've got a great sense of humour.

When you take a collection of people, tell them something is so wrong, and the very next words relate to how things got "weird" immediately after the wedding, how blind or avoidant or just plain ignorant does a crowd have to be to spew mindless "Wedding, yay!" type replies? I mean, I realize the world at large is entirely reactionary and not particularly thoughtful or investigatory (yes, word), and of course this is on such a small scale, but I honestly would have expected at least one, singular prod of real curiosity, honest concern.

You're right, there is a lot I haven't been writing about. I haven't been in the most bridge-burning mood.
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I want to steal Icons from Tara

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The current state of the garden.

Shortly after beginning, I lost focus and gardening took on a very "Hey let's paint another room" feel to me. In the past few days I seem to have regained momentum, which is cool, 'cause I like plants and shit.

Now if you don't mind*, everyone get yourselves ready 'cause we're going on a picnic.

*Meaningless congeniality, get ready anyway.

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I watched Adaptation the other day.. good movie but I still hate orchids*. (Except maybe those bumble-bee** lookin' ones.)

In an entirely unrelated vein I've been browsing a lot of succulents lately, to the point of cleaning out the old fish tank to create a Place To Put Cacti Which Won't Result In Crying Cats. I say unrelated because eventually I need a magnolia tree, too, ya'know? But I'm all about the sucking right now. Sucking and hoarding.

During one of the many, many, many trips back and forth between the old apt and here, I saw that gosh darned pickup truck again. In perfectly ninjalicious style, my hand shot out and my finger pointed excitedly a few inches in front of Siamang's face as I stuttered out "It's that van! I mean the truck! The truck I wrote about!" Easy like Sunday morning.

*Even the ones with kickin' LiveJournals.
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Movelog: "I wouldn't do nothin' else."

Subtitle: "It's not his fault, his parents moved there when he was very small!"

Cat herding has been, so far, easier than expected, though it was in fact Bort who was the most visibly distraught from moving rather than Sprockets.

The first day was spent hiding. The second day was spent hiding, with short bouts of slinky low-running. (Mostly back to hiding spots after being forcibly yanked to make sure he knew where food and bathroomage were.) By the third and forth day he did start coming out of his own accord, though much of his time was still spent hiding and hiding some more. It wasn't until more of my stuff started piling up that he finally started relaxing at all.

A month later, everything' cool, except that he gets picked on a bit because of his unusual accent.

I'm sort of surprised I didn't bother taking pics of the old apartment in it's emptiest state, particularly with the documentation spree I've been on lately. It didn't creep me out the way I'd expected though, I guess by the time it was hollow and clean I no longer cared.
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