March 19th, 2004


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Wearing twenty dollar stockings, feeling like I'm held together by paperclips and rubberbands. So nervous my eye is twitching like mad.. enough that I can see it, out of the corner of that same eye. Driving around for a half hour to try to settle myself before heading over, wishing the streets were full of people. So overcast barely a handful of people came out to contribute. I didn't realize until I was stopped at a particularly long red light that I'd forgotten to smile naturally. I put it on and got myself turned around, the eye which was just falling in line fell off the wagon as soon as I began the approach. Twitching by proximity. I arrived, rubberbands in place, only for the landlords to call at the very last minute (literally as we were headed out the door) to reschedule.
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    Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun