March 18th, 2004

What'cho talkin' bout everyone!


How many times did your parents have to lie to you before you stopped going to them with questions? How hard did they have to ram it into your head that they would only feed you information they wanted you to know and shade the rest? When you stopped asking them questions and looked outside of family for knowledge, did they blame it on you growing up, becoming rebellious, and all the rest, or did they for one minute second-guess the rose-coloring and fact-obfuscation they did for however many years it took you to figure out they were dishonest?
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velveteen rabbit

I summer in Fishtown.

While detailing my future move to meetzemonsta a few days ago, she pointed out something I hadn't considered in anything but technical terms. We're signing the new lease to start April 15th. siamang's lease runs out April 30th. Mine May 31st. Meaning for a short period, we will have three homes. I am alive with pleasure.
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