March 2nd, 2004

Devil May Cry

When I lay my lamp post upon thee.

Last night we checked out the first house in our current effort to move in together. In addition to being a decent sized 2 story 2 bedroom house with a small (cement) yard and a huge "Hobbit house" of a basement, it has a lamp post next to the front door. The only one for blocks around with a lamp post outside. As we left, on the way to dinner, all through dinner, and well into the night we repeatedly broke into laughter, locked eyes, and exclaimed "lamp post!!" I've already contemplated and accepted that if we do get this place (still looking, but solidly keen on it) my speech everafter will be peppered with lamp post references. And it had a staircase! With a landing! Weee!

Later in the evening I got the callback from Phu that I had been waiting for.. I'd forced myself to do the ill-anticipated "Hi I want out of my lease." phonecall the morning before and he'd said he'll call back the next day. It was so horrible. He clarified that my lease is supposed to run until January, and then asked me if I was sure I wanted to move. I said yeah, and he replied, "I don't want you to go, but I can't stop you," and asked me to drop off my written notice. His voice was so unhappy. He then repeated that he liked having me as a tennant, and didn't want me to go, again ending by asserting understanding that he can't stop it. It was miserable. I feel so remorseful about leaving the landlord I hid from and dodged phonecalls from so many times. So baby-bird-leaving-the-nest vibe.

The added effect of this being settled between us has me looking at everything around the house as either trash or not trash... and oh my god, I am going to need more trashbags.
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