February 23rd, 2004

Now my wings are black

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One of the things they never tell you in common media, even on the learning wing of channels, is about releasing your seatbelt with your keys because your fingernails are in the way.
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what lies behind locked doors

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I'm practically in mourning. After the chase took off I was hoping for a romping month of adventure, at least. Notes here, Jesus Christ checking into a hotel there, and trash on everyone's lawns. I suppose I shouldn't pine for what could have been. Instead I'll ask the question I know is on everyone's mind: Is the name Preston a recipe for mental instability? In theory different names carry certain connotations and mental effects. I leave you with Exhibit A, as above, and Exhibit B, shown here.

Speaking of Jesus Christ (as so many people are), you know exactly where I'm going to be wednesday afternoon. In a cushiony seat that partially reclines, drenched in viscous globs of Jesus. I'm a trifle uneasy, considering things like The Postman and Waterworld@ The Patriot and We Were Soldiers, and what lengths I have gone to to avoid seeing movies like The Postman and Waterworld The Patriot and We Were Soldiers, but Jesus fucking Christ.. I haven't looked forward to seeing a movie to this extent since.. well since RotK 2 months ago, but before that, I have no idea. I've been soaking up tidbits of news and flurry about this movie for so many months now, and while I may be delusional about this, have nothing but high hopes. I know there's a lot of hype, I know a fuckton of the "controversy" is empty hype, but.. but.. Jesus!!

Call me a lousy ex-X-ian, but this is a movie of my dreams, figuratively and literally.

@Edit: Thank Jesus I figured out that I forgot whose movies I was talking about before anyone could find out! -_<
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