December 7th, 2003

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Having remembered that there is a rather active cooking community the other day, I started skimming cooking as an interest in an attempt to scope out some of the more active/interesting/recipe overloaded communities. Adventure, excitement, there are a number of ways to end this sentence, each more entertaining than the last. So like I was saying. Cooking.

In addition to a number of useful communities, a festering horde followed. Innumerable dead communities I would have loved to see active, including but not limited to easybakechefs (self explanatory, although brand new, so who knows), roadkill_gourme (Ever feel like a great idea is being squandered on an inside joke?), im_hungry (I can't help it, the sub-name is "Mad Kitchen Skillz", and a community with that name simply should be fruitful.), nomoreramen (Again, blame it on the name.), goth_grub and stompy_chefs, krazycooking, and lastish but most regrettably vacant sewingndisorder.

Several ponderous communities like skinny_hobbits (I can't help but feel a sort of sympathy towards this community, despite the fact that it's virtually begging for negative attention.), munchingwhores (I was hoping the whores part was semantically accurate.), and fatxcore ("Holla fat youngin'".. I think I know that song.).

I noticed somewhat to my dismay that although I eagerly opened every college food type of comm, I am apparently repulsed by college food. dinner, on the other hand, is mega snazzy. Very mega snazzy.

sybarites: How the hell did I manage to miss this for however long it's been in existence? Oh, right, I always search for the one variant of the word they don't list as an interest. A bit wonky in execution, but the theory is worthy enough to balance the scale.

The appropriate addendum to this entry is that earlier this evening I totally fucking botched box cupcakes. You know, the kind with 2 or 3 ingredients that you'd just toss in a bowl and requires no mad kitchen skillz.

On a completely unrelated note.
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Now my wings are black

"The normal jeans, or the black jeans?"

It's only appropriate to be reminded of a casual-yet-longterm aquaintance begging wardrobe advice when you're wearing a loathesome black sweatshirt* and dirty BDUs.

*(The one I'd found abandoned on the way out of a certain concert.)
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