October 30th, 2003

Devil May Cry

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Maybe I've just been up and down the stairs too many times taking the trash out but tonight feels like one of those nights when you throw all the windows open, and pretend to creep around the city from the safety of bed. A stuffed totoro watches skies by night through the slats in the blinds.
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    Waves on the shore going pound pound pound
Stab Time

"Why PG-13? Why not IQ-80?"

You know, "You're here every week, are you sure you don't want store credit?" is really not what I'd like to hear after walking each step across the parking lot surrounded by a tornado trying to knock me off my feet, willing myself beyond will not to punch any pet store employees in the face. And by "pet store employees" I of course mean people who work in the aqaurium department in the illustrious Monster Pets on Snyder Ave*. And by "punch in the face" I of course mean to punch, in the face, with my balled up fist.

Some people are comforted by mild socializing with strangers when they're otherwise aggitated. Fortunately or un, I am not one of those people. I literally jumped (as in, my feet left the ground) when an employee who was standing behind me spoke unexpectedly.

The title may not be apt, but it's the question of the hour.

*Between the Shop Rite and Chuck-E-Cheese**

**Not that I endorse punching poor, unfortunate pet store employees, in any way.
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    I have heard such protestations every day for twenty years