October 26th, 2003

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Somehow I managed to pick up an acceptable (re: not altogether hideous) bag-costume at Halloween Adventure in the middle of the afternoon the day of an event. Typically speaking, my life happens a bit staggered, where weeks of planning go into any little thing, so same day costuming was rather impressive. (Erm, lucky.) (Point of interest.. my costume was "Negligence", and there was a male version named "Malpractice". I'm kinda dubious about the sp00ky essence of negligence. The duo gives a little active boy vs passive girl vibe. Is some shitty plastic costume company trying to tell me I'm passive aggressive? Next time I'm in that store I'm gonna "accidentally" knock some of their costumes off the hooks. If anyone notices, I might pick them up, but I'll be damned if I put them on the rack straight. That'll show 'em.)

Still, those huge rubber welding gloves are to die have a mild fainting spell for.

The real find was an enormous two tier pair of wire and gauze wings. Camouflage
wings. So now I have the makings for a gleefully obnoxious "Army Otherkin" costume, between the camo everything else I own, and the wings perfecting the "Hi I hate myself so I pretend to be a faery!" mystiqueTM. The only question is where, and when.

I managed, over the course of the evening, to come up with some satisfactory Halloween plans. Nothing. I'm not going to go out, I'm not going to trick-or-treat, I'm not going to go anywhere or see anyone or do anything. And I'm happy with that. Looking forward to it, even.
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"Are you sure you don't mind these on the floor? It might get bloody.."

"Nah, they're ok. They're bumming pants," he says, nudging the ripped denim.

The mouse moved quickly, sniffing alertly and seemingly unafraid. Starvin' Marvin looked on tentatively, keenly interested but somewhat confused. Soon enough, their noses met, the mouse stretching up to sniff Marvin's chin. M hissed sharply, and the mouse crouched down, flattening its body against the pocket of jeans it was crawling on as a dark spot spread out underneath it.
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