October 12th, 2003

Stab Time

"I am speaking... like a villain... does that make me seem... villainous...?

Shit. I saw a portion of Crash again last night, for the first time in like.. 10 years.. and it appeared everyone else was right. It is some piece of trash Canadian cinema. It's the lighting that gives it away. I can't tell myself it's art when every damn scene is illuminated by a fucking overhead lightbulb. You know, those "darkened room" kind of scenes where, for the sake of viewing, they need to work some secret light in? Every one is lit the same way.. with a fucking flashlight* or something. It looks so exceptionally cheap and tacky. Production value normally wouldn't doom a movie in my eyes by any means, but Crash is so precariously borderline in execution, the hideous (and constant) lighting just pushed it over the edge.** No one uses that kind of lighting on their vision. No one.

Sometimes you have to accept that you're listening to a song called "I Bleed For You", and stop wondering if the band looks "inordinately goth". Sometimes you have to accept the fact that you're getting high wrapped in a pink Hello Kitty comforter, and stop wondering if you have "too much" blissrock on your computer.

Some people have been inquiring into the cohabitation of my Palace Guards. I present to you exhibits B and G.

I need to see Spider sometime soon.***

*(Not true. A flashlight would have been preferable.)

**(Also, the script blows goats.)

***(But christ, Gabriel Byrne? Are you trying to hurt me? Go back to fucking Cool World and Little Women, fucker. Leave my movies alone.)
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