October 3rd, 2003

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It turns out the Emomobile was simply playing coy with me. After much jiggling and a good bit of wiggling the errant window rose to the occasion. (Not to mention a night of me peeking out the window to see if any hooligans were messin' with my baby.) I guess it just wanted to know I care.

I received the most confusing mail today. The dentist I made an appointment with on Wednesday sent me a little booklet about their practice, which is essentially a resume. Schooling and experience all listed in chronological order. I've never gotten promo mail from a doctor before, particularly one I've already agreed to do business with. Why am I going to a dentist, you ask? Well, among other things I haven't written about, I broke a tooth last Saturday. I think it came off while eating some famous pizza, but I'm not even sure, I never felt a thing. (Well no, I felt a sharp bit of tooth with my tongue.. but yeah. Never felt the break, never felt a stray piece of enamel, etc.) The tooth doesn't hurt at all, and after I used my MAD DENTITE SKILLZ Sunday night to break off the most protruding pointy bit with a pen, it hasn't hurt my cheek, either. Baffling. But then, anything beyond filling my mouth with foam or scraping my teeth with a metal hook is beyond my dental experience. It felt particularly yummy to be eating an individual tin of honey while on hold with the office. Keeping my fingers crossed for Vicodin.

Chicago smells like chocolate. (I think that fulfills my "annotate the vacation" requirements.)
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In Dreams

It's been a long time since I've made breadcrumbs by scraping toast.

I cooked lambchops for the first time tonight. Somehow a misappropriation of breadcrumbs occured and I was left mixing two recipes. Chopped garlic and thyme coating instead. As I cooked, Sprockets ran around the apartment like a cracked out cracksmoker. Bort struggled just to keep up and still lagged.

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