September 22nd, 2003

Stab Time

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7:15am BZZZZZZZZT goes my doorbell. BZZZZT BZZZZZZZZZZT!!

7:16am Muffled knocking on the door.

7:16am cont' Muffled knocking on nearby doors, some kind of shouting.

7:17am More of same. I peek out the window and pretend not to see man across street waving up at me. "I'm looking, I wonder what's going on! I'm still looking! Hmm, looking!", is what my gaze said.

7:19am After a tackful pause out of window-view, sneak up under the window and lower the blind. Bet they didn't see that comming!

7:26am Peeking through the blinds up and down the street, I notice a "Police Regulation" sign stapled to a telephone pole suspiciously near my car. And a cement work thingy in the handicapped spot across the street.

7:28am I shuffle myself into some floor-clothes, hover at the top of the stairs until, say, 7:29 or so, then proceed out of doors.

7:whateveram Car gets moved. By me. Tacktful avoision of eye contact with Waving Man.

7:something until present: Drilling the fucking street up.
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Stab Time

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"Did we wake you up?", Waving Man says as I leave later on, as deadpan as anything.

Yes. You did. You woke me up. You. Woke. Me. Up.

Only they didn't, exactly. And it didn't occur to me that perhaps I should have tasered him until after I was most of the way to my car, and that would just smack of too much effort.. running back home, up the stairs, and then back down. Just to go ZOT. Snap crackle ZZZOOOOOTT.
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    "Yes. It is Halloween. Today is Halloween."
A whirring noise to sound like the wind!

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I just wanted to point out that I misspelled tactful like 5 times today.

Current Music: (too long) That State episode where it's like the whoevers vs the Jets only instead of the whoevers it's the Amish vs the Jets. And the Amish won't fight, but they spin a mean rake.
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