August 14th, 2003


"Also, anyone who knows anything about vampires knows that sunlight kills them"

Words of advice:

If you're driving onto a ramp and traffic is backed up so much that a lot of people don't feel like waiting in line, and try to skim past by cruisng down the shoulder until the lanes narrow enough that they need to fit in, and you edge up the ass of the car in front of you to stop some jackaninny from weaseling their way in front of you, and he tries to menace you out of the lane by driving in such a manner as to hit you if you continue straight forward but you lay on the horn at the last minute which causes him to pause so you keep your spot, and you look in the rearview mirror and he's making all those *I'm angry! Very angry!* gestures and making faces like he's yelling at you even though his windows are up, don't slow down too much to rub it in, unless your car has really good pickup. Like, better than his.
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