August 6th, 2003


Go Team Vegan!

Now that this has exploded all over the place, I want to comment on a particular element that seems to be going largely unnoticed. In the initial wave of horrified (and grammatically challenged) toolboxes, few if any of them have actually made claims to vegetarianism or veganism.. but as people come in later in the game, they seem to be assuming as they hit the wave of backlash that the people doing the most flaming are vegans, and I've seen a number of comments to that effect. From what I've noticed weeding through the morass of commentary, it's almost entirely the opposite. The vegans are the ones saying "STFU, meat is meat", "If you eat burgers, why not rabbit?", "I wouldn't do it, but more power to ya'" and the like.

So yes.. what I am forcing myself to admit, is that the Vegans are a large portion of the voice of reason. Props where props are due. Go Team!

I won't even make any derogatory comments about tofu for like.. maybe a week.

Edit: You know, I suppose I can't be surprised. The guy who's been trying to play himself up as Spokeperson and All'round Helpful Guy regarding a certain community, (meanwhilewhile publicly spreading the link around LJ, and publicly linking everything to the community) submitted it to LJDrama himself*. I wonder if he got what he wanted from all of this. I guess it's hard to show everyone how outraged you are, if no one knows what you're outraged about.

Edit-edit: *Claims he didn't submit it himself, but frankly, after seeing him lie like a rug and spread the mess around in irrefutable ways (re: with his actual LJ), whatever. I imagine it looks quite martyr-like. I'm curious to see who will stop posting about this first. The raging, roiling horde, or him.
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Devil May Cry

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How many days ago did my car stop starting. At this point, I'm really not sure. It's parked across the street from an auto shop, which is in turn only a few buildings down the block.

I've been tempted to cut and change the color of my hair, but I think it will pass. May pass.

I need to throw a lot of stuff away and buy some new rings. Soon.

I was thinking about this Adderall pill I have after ZeMonsta and I were talking about the lack of availability of an addictive drug trivializing the threat of addiction. Such as, if you get some of something that's typically highly addictive, do it in one big binge, but cannot access it any more, does a tree fall in the woods? So I have this one pill and I want more but I don't have any. Am I addicted? I know I would like to have easy access to it. And if I did, I'd take it frequently enough. But I don't have any, and don't get any.

Asking nonsensical questions.. what's that about?

It almost looks like the sun is shining, outside.
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