July 28th, 2003

Stab Time

Say "what" again, I dare you.

This afternoon a woman appologized to me for crossing the road in front of me. She was about 1/3rd across the street, walking with a bundle of laundry, as I approached, already slowing down in anticipation of the stop sign. She stopped and did the backwards cringe of people who presume no cars stop at any signs, and I gave her the cursory "go ahead" wave as I came to a full stop. She rushed ahead blurting "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Part of me wanted to smile, put my arm around her shoulder, and tell her she doesn't have to appologize for everything. Another part of me wanted to smack her, shouting "Don't you fucking appologize!" I compromized by going on with my day.

My stomach hasn't come to a full settle in almost a week now. There's a part of my brain that's constantly distracted. A bee up in my skull.

I thought I was going to go to Jersey for the forth time today, but instead I think I lost all my rings.

"Nothing against Toyotas, or you or anything, it's just that I saw all of you driving so close to each other and I wondered what it would be like to hit three different types of Corollas at once."

"I appologize that we didn't get to share the things we should have.. the heartbreak, the sorrow, the joy."
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I'm sitting here, looking at my nails. And I notice that the french tips are all sort of distanced from my nail beds, so that there's the strip of white across the tips, then what appears to be a small gap, then the rest of my nails. So I start wondering wtf was wrong with me that I messed up the tape placement of all of them.

I mulled over this perceived incompetence a while before the whole "Oh right, I did them last week, they've grown out a bit." struck.
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