July 19th, 2003

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siamang and I finally made it to the crocobot exhibit at the Natural Science museum yesterday morning. (It's been running since.. well, February.) Some of the displays were too pet-store for my hat. Really now, "..bearded dragons and other legendary reptiles.."? And the cobra wouldn't hood for me no matter how many times we said "Hood, damnit!" or "Make with the hood!" or walked by the enclosure all nonchalantly only to turn midstride and say "Boo!!" Lazy jerk. And the pythons wouldn't eat a single child. By their girth I suspect they'd eatten a few by the time we got there, so I guess it's ok.

Later on I went on a trip to Olive Garden with meetzemonsta that started with a phonecall at 3pm and ended with sitting down to eat at 8something. Both of us brought home dinners with all of maybe 5 bites missing, what with all the breadsticks and salad and cheesecake. "It's kind of like being in the Lord of the Rings only it's a plant!"

People are stupid and liars.
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In the middle of writing the last entry I found out my favorite little bunny died last night. This is one of those days where a hole in the ground would feel pretty comfortable.
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A whirring noise to sound like the wind!

Oh and I had this great idea..

Having something to do with the lack of heavily stamped packages I've complained about somewhat recently.

Wherein anyone can enter their mailing address below, and get mail of some sort or other.

And henceforth do not promise it will be "keen" or "needed" but will also not be "anthrax" or "bombs".

So as to be if you feel so inclined:

My mailing address is:

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