June 7th, 2003

Stab Time

"Philosophers have right of way."

You know how when super-villians start laughing their maniacal cackle, then suddenly get shot/poisoned/konked on the head mid-laugh? That happened to me this morning, soon after waking up. I'm sitting here, innocently cackling, and as I lean back on my bed intending to lie down, that muscle in my neck just *snaps* and I am now sitting rather stiffly in neck-wrenching pain. The same one I had a problem with, oh.. what was it, last week? Not that I'm tense, or anything.

Yesterday, I erased 54 messages off my answering machine. Most of them automated calls relating to a particular middle school student and her frequent tardiness. A few months ago, I tried to call the number back a few times, to tell them they had the wrong number.. no one ever answered though. I assumed they only answer during school hours, but never bothered to call earlier. Now I'm torn on calling back and cluing them in that they have the wrong number in their files, or just not minding them. I kinda feel like it's gone on this long partially due to me not calling right away, so I wouldn't want to get this kid in extra trouble when her actual parents find out how much she's late/cuts. Like maybe, when she realized her parents weren't finding out (or did she give a fake home # on purpose?) she started cutting more, and wouldn't have cut this much if she expected them to know. Still, then am I a jerk for letting some stranger's kid cut school, being the only one in a possition to fix this? I'm torn between "I have to do the right thing!" and "Ehh."

"She made $12,000 in one day selling lemonade!" I'm sure they're only including lemonade sales, and not donations, right? Yeah.. news being so accurate and all.

Oh! I almost forgot to write about my dream! I dreampt I met the downstairs neighbors! And... !! Well, and nothing actually. I um.. just dreampt I met them and we said "Hello! I am your neightbor!" and that was it. Stellar imagination at work here. I should have at least dreamed I gave them a heaping bowl of raw potatoes soaked in vodka, or something.

I'm watching Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century and you're not.
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I am smart, much smarter than you, Hibbard!!

Also, there are times when I am repulsed by certain communities of which I am a member.

Like, is it ok to laugh at someone who says, "I am *that girl* who will not stop at gas stations because the sign has an error on it, who's always pointing out misspelled signs and the all-too-frequent misuses of "your" and "you're," not to mention "its" and "it's"..."? Regardless of how repulsive that sounds, I'm pretty sure "Omg, you sound like a hideous nag!" is likely disallowed in the community rules, or at least frowned upon in a generalized way.
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