April 20th, 2003


"I'm sorry but you went out with "Apple vs. PC - the excitement factor?"."

Spookachu 4/19/200 6:04 PM I want to rent a bunch of bunnies from a pet store for easter.

Meetzemonsta 4/19/200 6:04 PM rent?

Spookachu 4/19/200 6:04 PM Yes! I can't raise a bunch of bunnies! I want like 20-30 at least! For an Easter party. :(

Meetzemonsta 4/19/200 6:05 PM 20 or 30 bunnies is a lot of bunnies!

Spookachu 4/19/200 6:05 PM Exactly!!

Meetzemonsta 4/19/200 6:06 PM that's a lot of poop.

Spookachu 4/19/200 6:06 PM So you can see why I don't want to *buy* the

Meetzemonsta 4/19/200 6:07 PM I don't think I could step in a room with that

Spookachu 4/19/200 6:07 PM From allergies or from poop?

Meetzemonsta 4/19/200 6:07 PM allergies.

Spookachu 4/19/200 6:08 PM :(

Spookachu 4/19/200 6:08 PM They can wear tiny hazmat suits.

Meetzemonsta 4/19/200 6:08 PM teh bunnies hate me.

Spookachu 4/19/200 6:08 PM Weeeee little hazmat suits!

Meetzemonsta 4/19/200 6:09 PM hahahahaha!

Spookachu 4/19/200 6:10 PM Every once in a while one will look up at you
plaintively and make a few weezing sounds
though. Sometimes bunnies are jerks.
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