April 5th, 2003

Hey let's go

"You only stick around here to fuck my mother and eat her food! Motherfucker! Food-eater!"

Jolted awake to the sound of an old woman shouting "Open up! I know you're in there!!", accompanied by loud knocking. On tv, of course. One of those hours of the morning that mostly happen in the afternoon.

At the head of my bed, growing tulips. At the foot, fantail goldfish. Those temporary ones meant only to cycle the new tank. Which, if history is as circular as it's made out to be, means I'll end up getting somewhat attatched to them and end up with goldfish for 3 years. Perhaps I can put a drape over the tank to watch movies without them. Maybe not.

In my head, the image of Dennis Hopper.. Gun in hand, arms wrapped protectively around his blow-up bride, cringed back giving a look of mixed horror and revulsion.

On tv, an emu is being wrestled to the ground.
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    Christian Death - Dogs