March 31st, 2003


Tooling around with my new space.

I had an incredibly exciting entry all lined up, but it revolved around having my tire changed not once, but twice, and was left on the cutting-room floor.

Here is the turtle bracelet I bought at the new best Chinese restaurant I know. I was tempted to comment on the US price (5 bucks!) vs the pricetag on it in Yen (165), but I doubt they'd have understood I was just joking (being a dink) so I kept it to myself.

Sprockets has taken up a new hobby in shoving my head as far away as his extended paw will reach, when I'm online and he's on top of my hutch. Observe his mummy-abusing popped claws. I love the "make hate to the camera" expressions he gives.

Here is a plate of gingerbread folks I made around xXxmas.

I used to pass this car a few blocks from my house every day. The next time I passed after I took a few pics, it was gone. I haven't seen it since. This both makes me sad and fills me with mischievous conspiracy plots.

For everyone who asked me what the fuck I meant about the horrible Baby Shower chair.

My PSA: Do not forget your tomato soup for 45 minutes.

He called from the road a few hours ago, almost in Florida. I bounce around thinking that the next time someone says "Don't you live in Ca?", we'll burst out laughing and say "Nope!".
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