March 1st, 2003

In Dreams

Just another dream about

Packing, this time back and forth between school. In my mom's house, trying desperately to leave, and constantly fighting. "You threw half my stuff away! Everything I left behind!", and in her style of argument she just denies it all, says I'm making it up to try to attack her. Trying to fit so many things into one bag, trying so hard to not leave anything behind. Thoughts as individual items pass through my hands.. "I'll want to wear this, I'll want to use that." and it's real possesions in a current context. My brother is there and he knows, in the fight between my mom and I, that I'm right. But when I ask him for help at one point (In moving a box of items from another room to where I'm packing) he ignores me pointedly. The smell and presence of mold is everywhere. I think of explanations for when travel officials will ask me why I'm bringing certain things. Because they will ask me, after all, and they will look at me like a liar or a fool when I tell them.

It seems such a trivial dream to write about.
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    "Why do you have this razorblade?"