February 23rd, 2003

Hey let's go

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My file sharing contribution for the evening.

Hunca Munca tried every tin
spoon in turn; the fish was
glued to the dish.

Then Tom Thumb lost his
temper. He put the ham in
the middle of the floor, and
hit it with the tongs and with
the shovel - bang, bang, smash, smash!

The ham flew all into pieces,
for underneath the shiny
paint it was made of nothing
but plaster!

Then there was no end to
the rage and
disappointment of Tom
Thumb and Hunca Munca.
They broke up the
pudding, the lobsters, the
pears, and the oranges.

As the fish would not come
off the plate, they put it
into the red-hot crinkly
paper fire in the kitchen;
but it would not burn
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