January 20th, 2003

In Dreams

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Wake up to CNN telling me not only is Cybill "I'm not a has-been, I made a big deal over flashing a stunt-rack in my sitcom and pretended they were my tits" Shepherd set to play Martha Stewart in a tv movie about her empire, but the civil prosecution of Martha is currently moving forward with the criminal case not too far behind. Fight the power, Martha, fight the power. This calls for an afternoon baking cookies with my fist raised to the sky.

I'm still half asleep muttering defiantly into my blankets.

..Push the extreme, max the evenelope, and so forth..
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    That's right, I said max the envelope, punk.
Stab Time

The kids call it DIY.

Y'know what's a funny movie? High Fidelity.. that's a funny movie.

I'm laughing really hard.
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    my own melodious laughter