December 8th, 2002


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Ten thirty Sunday morning and the haze hasn't burned off the city yet. A horse drawn carriage crosses ahead of me and I can see someone sleeping on the bench in the back. The driver is just circling.
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    world and no one will know how strange my childhood was!"

"I think this could be a magic hammock!"

A tow truck dragging a car down the street, but it's not hooked up right, and the car's dragging. The rear left tire's completely shredded and sparks are pouring out of what's left of the wheel. Smoke fills its wake. The driver doesn't notice, or doesn't care. Given the spectacle it's causing, I'd like to hope for #2.

Note to self: That Krispy Creme (or is it Kreme?) is on 202. 202!!

I'm officially all hopped up to see the Two Towers. It took 'till today though. I was musing about when I based part of my choice to move in with the Cuckoo on the fact that he had The Poster. (Ok, so I would've moved in with him anyway. But his having The Poster didn't hurt.)

I'm fairly possitive I never want to accidentally discover someone who's been dead for two weeks.

My brain hurts.

Sometimes, when I'm worried about something imminently threatening, like mad-traffic and whatnot, I remember when I drove out to Origins last year, the thought that turned into a feeling and later belief that if something happened to me, if I was in an accident, I just wanted to die because I didn't want to have to start over again from another pointless setback. I didn't want to crash, but I didn't want to live if I did. I know it sounds ridiculous. I don't feel it anymore, even when I reach out and try to, just to see. The knowledge that I did believe it at one point really bothers me sometimes. A lot of times.

What's that bag in the back seat? Oh right, those crickets I bought 7 hours ago.

"I come to deliver a terrifying message of hope! Grab your guns and follow me!"
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    Voltaire - Screw the Okampa (I wanna go home)