December 6th, 2002

Stab Time

two playwrights, two composers, two makers of velvet flowers

I don't need an alarm clock, this is the second morning in a row my phone started rnging shortly after 7am, and then continued at intervals not quite in sync with my snooze button on my clock. The third time I picked up thye phone and slammed it back down, only to have it start ringing again immediately. "Oh, there's someone home! I'd better call back!" Indeed.

Something happened during the night as well. Sounds that woke me up and a fortuitous movie start time. I should have booted up or grabbed a pen while it was still fresh, before the drilling insistance pushed everything else out of mind.
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    Voltaire - Bachelor(ette)

Tuesday, 11-12

A trip to the Box Factory! Rosicrucian Park!

Someone's gonna have to explain to museum staff at large that a backpack with both straps over someone's shoulders is in considerably more control than when slung over one shoulder, "purse style". A backpack isn't shaped like a purse, and the weight doesn't sit like one. The only effect of forcing me to wear it over a single shoulder is that it swings more, slides constantly down my arm, and requires more of my attention to keep in place because of the strap design/construction. I tend not to wildly spin around when my back (or front, or side) is less than a foot from museum exhibits/other people anyway.. Also, sending me out to put my camera in the car has zero effect if you don't check up on me at all when I come back in.

There was a Jr High across the street and I couldn't get over how sweet hella bitchin' it must be to go to school there.

If you're ever in San Jose, spend an afternoon or two with your nose pressed against the Grand Temple doors. (You don't have to, I could smell the incense from the steps. G'damn, that smelled good though.)
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