November 5th, 2002


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My doorbell starts ringing.

I instantly pick up my cell and call downstairs, thinking, or hoping, it's Brothx0r or King Tormax. No answer, but the bell's still ringing, so I give it a minute and call again. Still no answer. Bell's still ringing.

Still ringing. Long leans. Short attention seeking tunes. Bring-brrr-bring bring! Brrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiing! Brrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiing!

"It's probably the landlord", I think. I talked to him the other day about "getting" a kitten. He said ok. Maybe he's stopping by to mention something about it? I don't know, but all that ringing is annoying. I collect Sprockets into the bedroom in case he comes up to my apartment door, so there's nothing to hear.

More insistant ringing now. Or maybe it just sounds more insistant the longer it goes on. I'm afraid to get up enough to see out the windows, because my lights are on and would only prove I was home and up and aware someone was out there.

Going on way too long now.

And it won't stop.

And I'm starting to get really bugged out. And every break in this text means at least a minute of ringing.

I'm getting so irritable I close almost all the open windows on my comp. If I'm doing less, I'm quieter. At least I assume that's the "logic" behind it.

I think I hear voices, or a voice, and it sounds like, "Yeah that's her car so I think she's home, but she's on the phone a lot." That sounds like something someone would say to explain why I wasn't answering, I think. So I wait a minute and call downstairs again. Still no answer.. but I could have sworn that was KT's voice!

Somewhere in here, I wedge a folding chair under my front door. If it is the landlord, I told him a few months ago that he could enter my apt for the purpose of fixing the leak going from my roof to the lower floor. He'd wanted to come by "next time it rains". It's rained many times since then, and as far as I know the leak is fixed, but it's raining now. So I wedge.

Finally! My phone rings! It's brothx0r, calling from a friend's house, to tell me that my buzzer must be broken and KT locked herself out.


I go down and unlock the door.
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