October 24th, 2002

As I fall down a cement flight of steps

And land inside a bed of spider webs

I swear I was gonna take Sprockets to get fixed this week. But it's thursday night and I haven't even called anyone. Grrar. Lameness.

I was going to post something about when people say they found the website of a sister of a mutual HS friend to just not open it, but I'm a liar and I'd open it again anyway. Despite. Despite what? Despite said mutual friend's mom confusing me for said mutual friend's ex-wife at a funeral. "She was on a lot of drugs at the time." I know, I know. At ease, soldier.

I don't have anything else to say that's not bile tonight.

I wanna watch a movie.
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    I'll be in a canoe paddlin' makin' fun of your yacht

I forgot I even had this window open.

Step one: Wander into the kitchen.

Step two: Run back to the computer.

Step three: Run back into the kitchen.

Repeat steps one to three as needed.

Step 4: Kitten makes mad attack at beverage (pronounces bev-er-ahhhhge)

Step 5: Understanding commences.

Step 6: Lots of lip licking.

Step 7: Misspellings galore.

Step eight: Say things you think might be regrettable. Repeatedly. Reinforce.

Step nine: More lip lickihng.

Step ten: Lock kitten out of bedroom.

Step 12: Forgive sins ala priesthood.

Step 13: remember to delete post tomorrow.
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    Bitches love me 'caus ethey know that I can rock