October 20th, 2002

They call it drive time.

Empty roads and a show called The Quiet Sounds of Sleepy Hollow, fitting for the music and all in a welcome way. A song that sounds like it could be Dead Can Dance, but it isn't. Before that, a cover of Be My Baby that sounds like Julee Cruise singing Rockin' Back Inside My Heart, but it isn't. It's Be My Baby. Afterwards, a "UK duo" that sounds a little too inspired by LPD.
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    The Quiet Sounds of Sleepy Hollow

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Argh. That's what happens when I forget to hit the update button before I leave the house. And there were things tonight I wanted to write, all evaporated by now. Engagement party! And they refuse to have the roller-wedding, the Aliens vs Predator wedding, and the Star Wars vs Star Trek wedding.

I swear, some people's weddings!
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    Can you stab with an icing rose? I think you can.