October 4th, 2002

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I work cried a landlord that makes me drive me into my Crowley Thoth Tarot deck. Shuts out of a kid, and turn your back if I have to project to: my mind if I feel. This me drive me. I could write. I'm hiding in this small groups of course!

-- ninjalicious

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In Dreams

"Sometimes I dream about you, but it's always bad dreams."

A lot of sober honesty today. And a lot of tears. Recently, teary-eyed conversations have been the beneficial, processing kind however, not the hurtful, pathetic type.

There are tense parts of my brain that feel more relaxed right now than I can recall in too many years. And right now, I feel so peaceful.. the air cooling, feeling so damn good inside, and watching the blue bunny lights reflect across the skyline. The current wrongness of my vehicular situation aside, I still enjoy looking out at the Center City lights for reasons I have yet to nail down. Probably due to when I used to drive home at nights, feeling the imminent relaxation and "homeness" as I sped headlong into these lights.

Somehow, I managed not to stab anyone today, including myself.
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