September 26th, 2002

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Today was the first day of The Cat Exchange Program. Sprockets went downstairs for a while, and I took Sifr (Aka Mr Aracat) up here for the first time since I got Herr Sprocketmeister. For a while we let them all sniff each other out downstairs so UniBv2.0 could take some angry hissyface pics of Sifr. Since I've brought him up, he's been walking around hissing at everything. (Still less violent than Sprockets, of course.) It's so cute to see him wandering around just hissing into the air. Other Cat air.
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    Bad Religion - Sometimes I Feel Like

"Nono, I put some stipulations on it so I won't ever actually have to adopt him!"

I kind of feel like going out in the rain and buying a bottle of rum and the Mindless Self Indulgence cd.. only I already own the cd, and while I'm almost out of rum, I don't actually feel like going out in the rain when I have beer and lotsa other booze. So what I was saying, is that I am a big liar and don't actually feel like doing those things at all. It's a wierd kind of chill rain though.
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    I feel like I know her, but sometimes my arms bend back.

"I think I heard about that thread once. But I never posted in it. -_-"

Oh.... jebus.. -_-

"Uh, no, I don't think he ever posted in there. If he did he was a lousy RPer. Heck, the guy didn't even return to his group after getting a rez!!

I mean full on raid with two or three groups and what does the guy do after getting nailed? Takes off with some bogus excuse about his dad!

In fact didn't he ninja some loot over at the moneyexchangers? Jebus was a ninjalooter!!! He grabbed the money and logged!"
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    Oh can't you see, how much your death means to me?