August 22nd, 2002

In Dreams

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I had a long dream I was in a huuuuuge tower. No, make that Tower. The kind that people kind of meander into and never realize people are wondering why they never came back. I was with (fuzzy) 1, or maybe 2 people. Wandering around, doing stuff? Mostly looking around. Looking and talking about what we saw. No backround people. Was it all scenery? I think some rooms were functional.
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    LPD - Dissonance

"lame? how so?"

"Lame like I can reason "If he wants to see me he'll just ask me, if I ask him and he doesn't it'll be awkward" every second until I cave and ask anyway, every time. Lame because I want you to say you want to see me. Lame because I'm still asking.

And on that lame note I'm gonna go. I wasn't lying when I said I'm not mad at you. Frustrated with myself, yeah. Goodnight. I'm sorry."
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    cute little squidlys on Discovery