August 4th, 2002


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No GenCon this year. How odd.

Someone say goodbye to Mikwaukee for me, eh?

I really, really really wish that I could have taken Colin.
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On a long and lonesome highway, east of Omaha

A few nights ago, I saw most of the movie Buffalo '66 while I was hanging around online. It caught my attention enough to actually be afk, not just using the modern Cinderella mechanism of the Away Message. I missed a few key parts, like the last 5 minutes, and possibly (hopefully) some parts that moved the theme along, but anyway...

This moring the first messages waiting for me in ICQ..

"Rent the Movie Buffalo '66"
"Christina Ricci plays a character in it that reminds me so much of you it kills me."

I'm not trying to imply this "means" anything, other than hey, all over the planet, different people can see the same movie via the wonders of technology.

Chalk this up to an entry for posterity, I guess.

Or maybe, just maybe, I still have hopes for Serendipity, after all.
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Other people's moms suck.

And I need some help from your mom.

"Hehe, from my mom?!"

Ask her if she had this really big pot of turkey broth what she;d do with it. Because I cooked down my turkey bones but I'm finding it's really hard to look up recipes by ingredients. But moms know that stuff!

"lol, okay."

""*shrug* You could... Make something with it." "Like what?" "You could... Throw it away?" "What, that's it?" "You could make soup with it." "Well... Okay.""

Your mom sucks!!

No offense.
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