August 1st, 2002


"Your poem brought my period on a week early, so shut up, everybody just shut up!"

"What is this?"

"It's poetry."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure, I edited it."

"It made my daughter sing..."

Yes, I'm taping Henry Fool off IFC. I may hatelyhate Art Conspiracy, but I love Henry Fool. It's the kind of movie that makes me wanna buy all the copies I can and mail them around.

I've been downloading pr0n all day. All day. It's not even for me, really.. but a friend of mine gave me the idea to burn huge compilation disks as presents for the kind of people you'd give lots of naked presents to. Also, it's occupying my mind and my hands. (Not in the way that sounded, but in a nonsexual systematic thought occupying way.) Systematic thought occupying is good right now. I know Colin's working like.. 90 hour days in some far away Otherplace, but I worry. About something happening, and I won't know about it, because who would tell me and why? I know (or seem to think) it's unlikely, but.. yeah. I've been spending a lot of time talking with Devil Inside, someone I only know online, and our conversations are about the most enjoyable thing I have going right now. And in that way that things happen and circle and follow, he just so happens to be going away on a work-vacation for a month or two fairly soon. I haven't bothered to ask if he'll be online during that time. But fuck, it's going to suck with him and Colin both gone. I guess I'll burn a lot of snatch.

Please, IFC, please keep playing Hal Hartley movies.
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"I think that's where the getting arrested part would happen."

I just want a machine to hook up to myself and look at all the chemicals (and cavity creeps and that team that motored around the bloodstream healing stuff) swimming around. I want to know what's where and why it's doing. Is that so much to ask for? Maybe some sort of DNA abacus.

Although to be fair, I have about twice as many scratches as I did yesterday.
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