July 31st, 2002


"This may sound odd, but I think my skill is laughing."

When I came home this afternoon Kitten Sort of Called Now's The Time On Sprockets When We Dance But Not Quite Definate Yet did his little cat cry/follow mummy around the apt thing. When I sat down, he got up into my lap, but since he started trying to fight me again (my arms and hands are completely criss-crossed with scratches) I set him on the floor. About a minute later I saw him bedding down in some of my clothes. I got all soppy and layed on the floor with him for a while and pet him as much as he'd allow. He's really uncertain about my hands still.. if I touch him and hold still, he'll purr, but if I try to actually pet, he tries to "play" with me. So I took a worn piece of clothing and put it, and him, in the top tier of his tree and stayed with him a little while. He jumped down when I went to make dinner (refrigerator obsession in full effect), but a little bit later he was back in the top, which is somewhere he's never gone on his own before. Later still, I saw him sitting on the middle shelf. This is eeeexcellent, because I'd really like to ween him of his habit of napping under my desk, where all the comp wires are. And if he actually learns to fight the tree instead of my blankets, maybe there's hope for my sleep schedule after all.

P.S. Help. I can't name him Now's The Time On Sprockets When We Dance. I just can't.

P.P.S. Suggestions such as Smokey, popular g0d's names, or Chubbytrashcancat will result in great vengeance and furious anger.

P.P.P.S. F5 is a functionless whore.
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