July 28th, 2002

Stab Time

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I fell asleep so early last night.. around 6ish, because I had a killer headache. (Note to self, never, ever, ever, do anything ever again that requires zero caffeine intake for a day or more.)

Sometime during the night I had a long dream which took place in a school, I think at night.. or perhaps from day into night. I had to find a place to hide so I could sleep, because I didn't have anywhere else to go, but I ran into the Evil Black Dorito hiding as well and we went around together after that. There were lots of gaming books there, probably the boxes from his closet (or maybe not?). In a way I was almost hiding from him too, not literally, but even though we were staying together searching the building, there was a sense that I was keeping my distance. Imagine that.

When I woke up the night was just great, perfect temperature, breezy, no sign of the heat wave supposedly rolling back in the morning. Not quite as enjoyable because of stupidkittenhead dancing all over me, trying to bite my head, scratch me up, etc. Which brings me to now.. freshly filled water pistol at my side and giving up on rest. There's some movie I've seen before on tv.. it's madly dramatic and unrealistically misogynistic, but it's on the Sundance channel, so I'm sure that makes it ok. Why is it once you see Wings of Desire you're expected to like every non-mainstream piece of crap ever made? It's like some masochistic club where they lure you in with stunning movies and bands, then insist that you pretend to enjoy landfills worth of mildly affiliated junk or you'll be cut off from the good stuff. How many poorly made movies about wicked women killing (either literally or figuratively) incredibly artistic, good-hearted men can they make and still call it "alternative"? It's the anti-Lifetime channel. Same inane plots, same pathetic quality, yet somehow respected.
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