July 26th, 2002

The rats were all diseased.

I turn words into dreams. How wonderful it all began. Long dreams in an enormous house. The first floor was grande and comfortable. The second floor was full of chrome and rats. Of course, I wake up alone. Not to be misleading, I should clarify.. I'm alone before I wake up. Wondering what happened, why I was there to begin with, and why I'm left alone in a house of chrome.
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    Why shouldn't I be?

I was a teenaged Freedom Fighter of ill repute in West Berlin

I'm not really sure what time I fell asleep today, or getting into bed at all for that matter. I think I was trying to lure the kitten onto the bed and just... collapsed.

I'm doing a lot of writing. Managed to push off any regrettable letter to Colin yet. I think there are some letters you're just not supposed to write, even if you get that bug that makes you think you have to.

I've been eatting nothing but turkey sandwiches for the past 3 days. (Maybe all that melatonin snuck up on me today?) The sad part is, I have another turkey breast in the freezer 'cause they were buy one get one free. I'm barely halfway through the first one! I have an urge to throw it (the frozen one) through someone's window. Maybe those people who leave their yappy little dog outside 24/7.

There's some kinda block party going on on the block behind mine. It sounds like natives from Hyspania. Remind me to write about all the construction sometime. (We have this thing going on in Goblin Town where instead of construction on one road going on for 20 years with no sign of completion, they systematically fix one block of space at a time, it looks like a warzone for a few weeks, but when they're done.. it's like.. really done. No instant potholes. No leftover orange cones. Nothin'.)

Oh look. Iron Chef's on. Maybe I'll laugh. Maybe I'll cry. Maybe I'll fall asleep.
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    I killed your baby today