July 9th, 2002

Origins Day 1

Aka: Not exactly Origins yet.

On the way out of Philly I saw a great SUV.. some huge black thing with an "Artist Formerly Known As.." symbol painted on the back (in purple of course), and a "Lovesexy" license plate. The air smelled like fire most of the day, and tire parts littered all highways.

I stopped for the evening at Colin's, and it was so.. so.. that thing that it is when we're together yet not and everything's all wierd but we're having fun, but there's still this something or other running parallel to this fun. It's damn hard to be laughing a foot away from him, and not reach out and touch him in some way, and I don't even know if I should, or shouldn't, if I'm overthingking (Ok, so that's given), if he cares (whether I do or not), and all the rest. But I didn't want him to feel any kind of coersion, soo... Blah.
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Hey let's go

Origins Day 1 and a half


I slept for a grande hour and a half in a motel along my route, and Glee! What does the weather band across the screen say? A high of 85 degrees!

Lies. All lies. It was fire-air all the way into Columbus. Tires still everywhere, and one car actually on fire as I passed right when I was entering the city.

I got lost for about 5 minutes heading into the city as 670 (part of my directions) was closed, but a series of rights led me to a 7-11 and a White Castle a little down the road from the convention center.

About 2 seconds after I walk in the door I won land for on of my RPGA chars.. the smallest, dingiest, most run down property on the list, in a bad neighborhood. Exactly what I've always wanted! :D I even had to update my RPGA/Organized Play membership and semi-convert my char to do it.. but it was quite keen.

Walking around the convention center I found myself thinking such winner lines as "OMG! There's the stairs! Right next to the escalators, just like I remember them!" Haha. It really was a shame though that no one was using the area which includes this enormous tiered, forking staircase/atrium. It's by far the most striking part of the entire place, and very useful.. but it looked like there was a little bit of construction going on near it, and the whole area on all 3 floors (and the ballrooms branching off from those areas) went vacant the entire con. Literally, mournful.

It feels like a drTY sort of mirth to know how much I enjoyed not saying hello to so many RPGA/con regulars. Seeing someone, recognizing them, walking right past, and smiling to myself. Shame, shame.
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In Dreams

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It's one of those nights when the wind sends tiny bits of water careening through the air in a way that's definitely not rain.

I keep hearing this squealing as if someone is screeching their tires on every turn, repeatedly circling a block. I can't direction-sense it though.
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