June 25th, 2002


With a corpse exposed I would work in haste

It's just too damn hot.

I went a little overboard on spoilage today, but the most coolinest bike messenger in the world brought my package by, (complete with one of those big shoulder bags only bike messengers are supposed to have, as I was told) and the Emomobile overheated after 15 minutes city movement, so I had to bring it back after all, and as such had nothing to do today. Nothing but lay about shiftily, lay shifting about, something like that. I hope it was just the sheer heat bringing up the temp, but I really don't know, and since they just replaced the fan motor yesterday, I didn't want to wait out the current heatwave before saying "something's still wrong guys..".

I've been noticing the ease with which I've been avoiding movies that I have little to no desire to see. Elementary?

Roll like the wind!
Devil Inside: I'd program mine to escape, look helpless, and then attack when someone got close.
Me: How does a robot look helpless? Maybe spark a little and spin in circles?
Devil Inside: Yep, although no sparks. Maybe just whirr a bit and move back and forth in a partial circle.
Me: "Oh no! that robot's hurt! Billy, call 911!"
Devil Inside: Then, *ZOT*!!!
Me: "Bolt 2 mother fugger!!"
Devil Inside: Then the robot clambers onto the stunned victim, extends a thick needle into their back, and sucks out their spinal fluid, which is then taken back to my hidden base and used for genetic engineering.
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    King Missle - Sex with You, yes I finally fucking found it.