June 15th, 2002

Stab Time

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One minute, people are making fun of goths (Goths Against Hatred, to be specific), and that's ok. The next thing you know people are trying to "discuss" goths, and what was funny mere minutes ago is suddenly very, very, very.... fucking sad. So many things about goths that make other goths snicker, when filtered through strange eyes, do not reflect well. I'm not normally shaken by frank exposure. I'm not even normally bothered by the idea of people who are not exactly people. Something about this bugged me though, a lot. Something about the susceptibility of people who take what they're shown at face value, and judge based on that, perhaps. I wanted to shout, "No, that's not cool, that's hysterical! It's a big fucking lie, just for people dumb enough to react like you are, and the way you're actually eatting it all up is really not funnny anymore! Stop ruining the humour value of half-wit lamers!"

Just as sad, but much more smiley..


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