May 11th, 2002

Je Me Souviens

I just realized this morning that I haven't even examined the booty from Wednesday night's "Girl's Night Out" with Mom. I was so glad she suggested a shopping spree in New Saint Mary's, because it didn't even occur to me, but I enjoy it muchly. (I am goth, much gother than you.. Hibbard!) The fuzz was onto us though, well sort of. I missed the turn to park, and as I flew by the street, a cop car pulled out behind me. A more casual than casual 26 mph drive to the closest Wawa seemed like the safest way to turn around, I suspected just pulling into anywhere and turning around without a "legitimate" stop would result in sirens. For some reason I found the softer earth more comforting than usual. Not so soft as to mush underneath my feet, but.. pliant. I ended up walking on fresher plots simply to relish the feel of the earth. Which looked sort of odd, because Mom tends to avoid those spots entirely.

Earlier that evening the real treasure was obtained via an awkward exchange in Friday's. "You know those individual fudge packets you guys use for sundaes? How much $ would it take to get a handful of those, or is it even possible?" Ha. MmmmmMmmmMMMmm. Breakfast of champions and all that. They still give me very warm memories of everyone slouching around the Cuckoo's place before GenCon last summer, sucking on them like sugary pacifiers before the hecticness of the trip and the con itself.

Getting the Emomobile healthy again is an odd chain. The last time, when the tensioner broke, I called this place where I knew an employee.. one of those "Call my place if you need blah blah blah." things. But they only do hardcore engine work, so they pointed me to another place, who did me right, so I called them this time.. Only to find that they don't do body work, but gave me the # of a nearby place that does. I remembered after I spoke with them that my mom's husband does body work for a living, but I'm really not sure if I want to deal with him/them. It might be worth the cost of admission to just do business with businesses, and leave the familial relations to turkey diners and so forth.
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