December 24th, 2001

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I'm as sleepy as sleepy can be. I got the apartment upstairs as soon as I sign the lease, and have already declared the back room will be "the Bunny Wing". Am email arrived from the dr00d last night.. I wish I had perc/rox-icet/odan right now.
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    one day you will ache like I ache

"Have fun in your box, I'm going home to sleep in my bed!"

I am the bad person what yells at bums on X-mas eve. I shouldn't be online right now. No really, I shouldn't. But I am. Merry fuckin' Monday. Why do I even care anyway. As I haven't stopped pausing to point out, it's just another day. But I have this attraction to holidays. I have a weakness for days which are set aside to be specifically not like other days. Celebration. Festivities. Decor and pizazz and buildings without windows or clocks and.. but yes. Holidays. I have some festive looking "fun sized" Snickers my old boss gave me, and that's as far as the holiday cheer goes around here. I didn't even connect with the lights on other people's houses this year.. just kept staring blankly and wondering why it didn't put me in a good mood as it always has in the past. I should dig up the polaroid of my old tree that, when showed to my mom, induced a half-laugh and a "Ok, who's tree is this really?" {Bitch.}

But then, I'd probably stare blankly at it and wonder, who's tree is this really?
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    Parched and preying

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"How much I wanted you
And ohChr*st, how much more I want You now
The great pain, the great misery
To look and look
To look and look and look
And look And find
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    I cannot hang words on the Silence


I saw some Valentine's Day cards in a store today, so I figured it's about time I took those keys that are no longer my keys off my keychain. I feel bitter and angry and spiteful. Bitter and angry and spiteful and sappy.
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    Happens more than I'd like to admit