November 23rd, 2001

"I cannot sleep at night..."

I had hour after hour of dreams about the dr00d. Embarrasingly personal and full of making out. Words said and so much clinging. Holding onto each other at all times as if the dream would fade were contact to break. But it went on... I was marginally awake for much of it. Even worse.. actively clinging to sleep. No longer a watcher. Holding onto the dream like we were holding each other. A beautiful dream at any rate, and would I like it again tonight? Yes please.
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    the lullaby that comes just between sleep and wakefulness

Thanksgiving Day, bounded in the shell of a walnut.

Woke up crying on the end of a dream. Shuffled to the computer and within minutes tears turned to laughter in a way they often do when I'm half-dreamy.

"Then for a long time, nothing happened."

Chatted a little and the constantly over-detailed knowledge of The Proxy set me up (I believe) for the dream I already described.

Cooked myself dinner, delightfuly alone. I admit, I would have much prefered a big group of friends. But alone is still better than family to me.

As I fell asleep, I realised something. Something big. Something huge. I have reached Anger. Only took me 9 and a half months to do it.
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    a growing appreciation for Mr Bungle