November 9th, 2001

Last night, a brief review.

About 3pm I heard a ruccus in the hall right outside my door. (The main entry here is into the kitchen, where the comp is. (Ugh!)) But anyway. I hear the landlord's distinctive voice so I quit all typing stat. (I'm not actually supposed to live here and UnibomberV2.0 wasn't home to answer the door.) He's talking heatedly not 6 feet away from me, through one thin wall, with the main resident of the Clown Apartment. They seem to owe him some money already.. one month after moving in. He's accusing her of breaking the lease. She's retorting with lines like, "But I'm young, I don't know any better!" This goes on for about 20 fully entertaining minutes, ending with her promise to call him later with an update on the owed funds. Laughter ensues, typing resumes.

About 9pm, water starts pouring into the bathroom through the drop ceiling, right over our shower. Uni-B calls landlordyman and I make a run for the border. (Aka CVS) Upon my return I find out the cause... It appears their electricity got shut off, and someone taking a shower in the dark failed to close the curtain well enough. Water all over the floor pours right through into our shower.. And I wonder, can they hear my laughter through the floor? Does it echo in the walls and vibrate the appliances? And if so, will they come down and kick my arse? It's been a while since I've laughed straight through an ass kicking.
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Send out the clowns!

Do-do-dodododo-do-do-do-do, Do-do-dodododo-do-do-do-do, Do-do-do-do-do, Do-do-do-do-do, Do-do-doddleooddle-do-doddleoodoo....

They are gone gone gone! They spent the day moving out in a series of taxis (giggle) amidst an unending onslaught of snickers and giggles from yours truely and the Mad Brothx0r. I'm almost in shock. This time last week we thought this would go on and on.

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