August 9th, 2001

GenCon latefest, Thursday afternoon

I stalked Kilborn armed with horns and a camera. The camera's the thing. No comp though, shame. The ride out went quickly and over and over again I'm reminded of why I like the Cuckoo. Fun fun fun. Everyone stares at us like they're expecting explosions. Constantly taking me asside and asking what I think of his honey. I'd say I never really cared about him enough to be jealous, but I don't think that would come across well.

From the Larp that evening: "The gleam in her eye and curl of her smile tell me more of her intent than her horns ever could." I don't know whether to smile, or throw fits.

Edit: How could I forget? The two biggest card-carrying members of the Demon haters club showed up together at the LARP just before it began... I cringed but was deeply intrigued. The Foam Pirate (aka Valjean) left almost right away though. I think I was relieved.
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Last night was all teary and scary. I woke up wishing I had padded walls.. something to bounce myself off of, throw myself at.
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