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I will be so glad when this woman is convicted of murder and no longer grinding into my face every morning on the news.

It's happened before, with other highly publicized murders.. a bit of story comes on, and someone in the room starts freaking out, yelling, demanding harshest judgement. I remember back in the Susan Smith days, I used to sit around confused while other people I knew virtually frothed at the mouth demanding her death. Describing fantasies they had about killing her. I never understood why they seemed to take it so personally. Half of those people didn't even have kids, or want them at the time. But the story reached them in some intimate way, nonetheless.

This story's been doing the same to me since its onset. I twitch while the story runs. Feel ill in my gut. Yell at the screen. "You were a nurse! You're supposed to help people!" Now they're running blurbs in every morning news show, and it's twisting my intestines into macramé. I wish this woman fiery death as I wish so many other people sporks in the face. I get aggravated even thinking that other people are not shocked and horrified, but rather "Eh, it happens." "No, it doesn't happen!! It shouldn't happen! Is it so wrong to think that people might be responsible human beings?!"

And I know more people than not are sitting around wondering why I'm virtually frothing at the mouth, taking it so personally. Just as I have wondered so many times, and will continue to at future affronts.

Just.. get.. convicted. Please.

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