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Dreams should come with an off switch.

With Sprockets away at Cat Camp there's no one to sing idly to while I wander around the apt. I gave him a rousing rendition of "Love Cat" (to the tune of Love Shack) while I visited today though. One of his camp counselors didn't take my advice that he's a sneaky ninja cat very seriously, and he was shut out of the rooms he was supposed to be shut into when I arrived. It was depressing.. 2 bowls of untouched food, full water, untouched litter, and a full yet stale opened can of soft food, also untouched. And him hiding out in the basement looking like a coal-miner-cat. I brought his home-food and a throw rug he likes to sleep on. Cried while I pet him. He was still too ansty about the other cats to play with his toys. I'm constantly reminded that he's away while I'm home, yet still not in the habit of leaving all my doors open.

I felt like a hobo all day today. (Which is the next step down from feeling like a bum, since I'm a bum all the time, anyway.) Played the Sims for too many hours. Cried a lot, randomly. Actions reduced to getting up to get beverages and getting up to go to the bathroom. Stupid. About to do a lot of things, none of which seemed to materialize as the hours passed.

In the brief time I was out I couldn't help but think about Sprockets' first day at camp, hiding, hissing at anyone that approached, hitting anything presented within reach. He's definately my cat.

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