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An art exhibit at the local grocery store. Local pride was the theme.. people were bringing in paintings all day trying to win some prize. The walls were full of same-sized squares of canvas, featuring painted scenery and people, sports figures, and abstracts. Some people made their own. Some dropped off paintings on behalf of others.

And there was a river. Everyone hoping to win lined up in one of the checkout lanes. Those that didn't win.. well, there was the river. A family was collecting drowned, beaten bodies afterwards, sending them to the right households. One young woman was unidentifyable, so they were going to float her out to sea. Her mom ran up at the last minute to claim her and take the body home, thanking them for not sending her to sea yet. One of the sons tried to yell at her for sending her daughter.. the mother stopped him sharply and sent him inside.. no reason to anger the people picking up their corpses.

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