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"please remember the delaware river is not a lake."

Everything feels stalled. I've slowed down processing everyday tasks until they're solidly late. Bills.. laundry.. sheveling. I haven't even gotten back out to a pet store since the horrible Green Puffer revelation when I discovered those adorable little bug-eyed hummingbird-flutter-finned charmers are in fact dastardly carnivores who "will eat any other fish you put in there with 'em". I couldn't bear to watch those wee cuties tearing into other fish.

It's now less than a month 'til a certain Ninjypsy Pirate moves a certain 3k miles to look for an apartment in a certain Goblin Town. (If you can imagine I'm beaming and vibrating in place as I write this, it would help set the tone.) It feels remarkably like the first time he ventured out for a visit, where I spent an entire week feeling like I had way too much to do and far too little time to even start doing any of it. I'd like to break the frozen in place feeling soon though.. Stasis doesn't suit me, and chores don't age well.

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