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The area I live is trashy. Not just low-class, but when you walk outside, there's trash all over.. in the street, on the sidewalk, practically floating by in the air. Children drop candy wrappers on the ground instead of putting them in a trash can or pocket. Adults do the same.

In a general sense, this makes me nervous. There is something inherently untrustworthy (to me) about a community of people who care so little for their environment (Environment meaning the area around them, not "trees an' nature an' the ozone an' stuff") that they just spew refuse every which way, and seemingly have no problem walking and living amidst it.

Sometimes, it really infuriates me.

A few weeks ago, walking near my current home, I saw some broken glass on the sidewalk. It had clearly been swept (or otherwise collected) up into a neat little pile. Yet, it remained on the sidewalk. Someone saw some broken glass, thought enough to sweep it up, but didn't consider it worth their time to actually dispose of it. Is this broken glass "safer" now? Somehow more visually acceptable than when scattered in it's natural state? Magically going to evaporate off the sidewalk instead of getting spread around as people walk by and such?

Today, I walked by a woman sweeping her home. How did I know this? No, I didn't look in her front window. She had her door open wide, and was sweeping the dirt and trash from her house out of it, onto the street. I stopped and started at her. She kept sweeping. I said angrily, "What the @#%$ are you doing?!" She closed the door between us, seemingly not looking up at me.

Tonight, I can't stop thinking about The Sensitive Artist's claim they will eventually convert me to the Sartre point of view.

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